Fridays are bagel days at work.  All that free food makes Fridays even more special! 😉  By the time I drop off little A at school and walk into the kitchen at work, though, the (early bird) vultures have usually come and gone.  Which means that the “highly in demand” everything bagels and the “not too bad” plain bagels have mostly disappeared.  And what usually remains is a mountain of the wildly unpopular sesame and egg bagels (why we keep buying these vile things, I just don’t comprende).

So.  I walked into the kitchen first thing this morning (even before putting down my bag and keys) hoping to grab the last everything bagel.  No such luck.  As I said before, the vultures had come and gone.  Half a dozen sesame bagels smiled at me.  Resigned myself to sipping some decaf (bad habits slowly creeping back up!) and waiting for the next free meal (pizza at a lunch seminar), a mere three hours away.

I walked into my office to start my day, and guess what was on my desk?  A lovely little bowl with an everything bagel perched inside!

Apparently, one of the admins, K, had heard me remark last week that I am never at work early enough to grab one of the popular bagels.  And she remembered and saved one for me this morning!!  Super thoughtful, no?  Made my day!!  I was all smiles toasting my bagel, and mentioned K’s thoughtfulness to a colleague that passed by.  My colleague remarked, “I am not surprised.  Yes, K is a thoughtful person.  But I am also not surprised because you are really well liked around here, and I am sure others would do the same for you if they knew.”

Mmmmm…. feelin’ the love this lovely Friday morning!! 🙂


One thought on “Bagelicious

  1. Awww..! that’s sweet. We had big reorg in my company recently – made me realize more than ever – being nice matters, relationships matter.

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