I didn’t come up with a resolution for March until last night.  You ready?


In March, I will listen more to what’s being said to me rather than half-listen and impatiently wait for my turn to speak (now don’t tell me you don’t do this ever!).  Resolutions are taking quite a philosophical turn, no?  Recently re-read “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin, and realized that my style of doing monthly resolutions is really not my style at all.  That is how “The Happiness Project” is structured (talk about sub-conscious plagiarism!).  I am liking this monthly resolution concept, though – coming up with a mindful intention for the month.

I wrote in January that I would do something new every day.  The biggest thing that came out of my January resolution is my paatu class.  It has been challenging.  And humbling to realize that my grasp of most raagams is just a little off.  Slight enough to make me think I am belting it out with aplomb, but noticeable enough to make my teacher wince.  Learning something new every week has been amazing, though.  I am exercising vocal and brain muscles that I haven’t exercised in a long time (and honestly, did not know that I had).  I highly recommend trying something new!

In February, I decided to de-clutter.  The biggest that came out of that resolution is that we are finishing our basement (the headquarters of clutter in our home).  Super excited about that project (and hoping that contractor has not permanently disappeared with initial deposit money).  Hmmmm…. it’s only two data points.  But looks like at least one big thing comes out of my monthly resolutions.  Wonder what big thing could come out of my resolution to listen?  Not two big ears, I hope. 🙂

Speaking of ears, I have been chewing N’s ears off with my monthly resolutions.  He’s a little bugged, methinks.  Why, you ask?  I started expounding on some self-help ideas this morning (while watching him make waffles for little A and me – yum!!), and he quipped a la Morpheus in the The Matrix “Stop trying to be happy, and be happy.”  “Think about that”, he said, with a smug superior air.  First thought that crossed my hungry head?  Really got to stop N from watching too many movies with slick punch lines.

Ok, wish me luck with listening this month!


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