It’s been over 10 days since I last wrote.  Things have been busy!

  • Find myself practicing paatu whenever even a teeny tiny window of time presents itself.  Hmmmm…. if only such diligence had found its way to me in my childhood.  Learning the lovely “Himadri Suthe” right now.  What a delight it is to learn something new!
  • N has quit FB as suddenly as he joined in.  Too much of a time sink, he says.  I agree, but don’t want to miss out on any vambu either.  Feeling kinda lonely over there now.  Pinna, who else is going to post so many nice pictures of me and tag me with compliments? 😉  Maybe I should join little N on Instagram (can’t wait to see her face when she reads this!).
  • Took the girls rock climbing earlier this week.  It was the coolest thing!  I would have loved to give it a try as well, but was afraid to annoy my quirky back.  The girls had a blast.  We’ll definitely go back, methinks.
  • After years of hemming and hawing, we are finally going to finish our basement!  Will likely be mid-summer before it’s up and functional.  And all the cleaning before that, ugh!  Still, totally looking forward to all that extra space!
  • Do middle schoolers not feel the cold at all?  I give grief to little N every morning about wearing multiple layers, and she just gives me a cute little laugh these days (no fear, I tell you!) and steps out wearing the lightest sweater.  I look out at the bus stop and see this boy standing in shorts and a hoodie.  How can this be?!  Especially when I don’t step out without wearing two sweaters and a winter coat (and still end up shivering).  Do. not. understand.
  • Multiple work deadlines are looming till the end of March.  But oddly, feeling v. excited and energized by deadlines (such a geek, no?).  Productivity is so much higher when there’s so little time!  Hmmmm…. Maybe should ask boss to constantly have looming deadlines? 😉
  • The temperature right now is 6 degrees F (and “feels like” – 14 degrees F).  The coldest that I recall scenic NJ to have ever been.  Ptch, I am so done with these arctic chills.
  • Florida for spring break!!  Spring break (and, more importantly, spring) can’t come soon enough.

Happy Friday! 🙂


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