Six Word Spins – 2

You knew more was coming, didn’t you?

  • Sesame bagels wildly unpopular at work.
  • Planned on Thodi, settled on Kalyani.
  • Bag of bounty in our basement.
  • Expedia – the worst travel website. Ever.
  • Snowstorm prediction switched to 48 degrees.
  • Easy job to be meterologist, huh?
  • Partying third graders are the cutest.
  • Two wild twin partiers.  Too much!!
  • Amma’s at V’s. Hello, sundal country!
  • Missing mid-morning chat with Amma.
  • Less work hours equal more work.
  • Walking 10,000 steps with deskjob – Yikes!!
  • Too cold for maple sugar tapping.
  • Yoga class with little A – Fun!
  • Even kale tastes good when smoothied.
  • Dreaming of mastering “Nidhi Chaala Sukhama”.
  • Doctor’s appointment on Valentine’s Day?  Hmmmm….
  • Missing my first Valentine, my Appa.

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