Six Word Spins – 1

Ok, most of my thinking this week has been in six words.  Definite OCD.  Totally having fun with it, though (check out the optimistic “1” in the title).  So, here goes, my life this week in six word bites.

  • Thrilled when praised in paatu class.
  • Happiness – when N makes my chai.
  • Cell phone’s nowhere.  Couldn’t care less.
  • Big meeting tomorrow.  In denial mode.
  • Single task to get to done.
  • Super productive at work during crisis.
  • Not good standard operating procedure, though.
  • Basketball practice at 9 pm?  Seriously?
  • Helping hands make chores go faster.
  • Do something fun every single day.
  • Best paatu practice is while driving.
  • Happiness is hugs from the munchkins.
  • Drive and text.  Climb snow bank.
  • Cold outside.  Colder office.  Fed up.
  • Making others happy makes me smile.
  • Where should we travel during Thanksgiving?
  • Egg and cheese croissantwich – num num!
  • Not enough Dunkin Donuts in NJ.

V. cool no?  Get ready for more next week! 🙂


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