Win Win

February is here!!  My month of de-cluttering.  So, I headed into the basement to get started on one of numerous boxes that we have not seen in years.  Guess what was the first thing that caught my eye?  A giant zip-loc bag filled with coins!!  Brought the bag upstairs, did a quick run to the bank to pick up those little coin covers, and enlisted Amma, little N, and little A to help sort the coins into little piles.  Had to bribe the helpers with an offer of $10 each, though (pinna, who will do this for free?).  The two munchkins jumped at the chance to earn some $$, and were even more thrilled when Amma offered to split her share between the two of them.

So.  The sorting went verrrry quickly indeed.  And, guess how much was in there?  Over $130!!!  Even with a payout of $30 for my little (mercenary) sorters, I came out ahead of the game with a hundred buckaroos.  Not bad, no?  All because I decided to de-clutter.

Hmmmm… a very promising start to a month of de-cluttering, indeed! 🙂


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