Guppy Moment 2

Little A has been complaining of tummy pains off and on.  So, I have gotten into the habit of keeping an eye out when she goes to the bathroom (from outside of, course), and throwing her random (and v. likely annoying) questions about how it’s going in there, and whether it’s peepee or poopoo, etc. (hey, I am sure you would do the same, so no judging, ok?).  Not that I really do much with all that data, but still have become pretty consistent at collecting the data.  Plus, the little one is a sweetheart, and always indulges me with an answer, so I have been unstoppable.

We hosted a few families a couple of weekends back to celebrate Pongal (you know where this is going, don’t you?).  After dinner, the adults were playing loud card games in the family room, and the kids were doing pretty much the same in the living room.  After a while, I walked into the kitchen to make tea for everyone.  I could see Amma and N continuing to play cards, and I could hear little N’s voice from the other room.  I happened to glance at the powder room door, it appeared locked and the light was on inside.  I assumed that little A was in the bathroom (why, oh why, when there were at least twenty five other people in the house at that time?).  Consistent with my newly acquired habit, I went and stood near the door, and was about to call out my famous question to little A.

You ready for this?

As I started to open my mouth, I heard a “Hi, Mama” and saw my little munchkin walk past me to go get something from kitchen.  Imagine how I felt when I saw her.  SUPER YIKES!!!

Not sure which of our friends was in there at that time, but you can bet your blue boots, I didn’t hang out long enough to find out who. 😉


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