Consciously trying to do new things in January has been good for me.  Besides wrestling with paatu lessons (which I am totally LOVING!!) and making kale dosais (super yum and nutritious too!), my quest for novelty has helped me identify several new things that I want to do with the family.  No rush, sometime within the next month or two will do. 😉

  • Glassblowing (Discovered a studio less than a half hour away, where we can learn to blow glass and make cool stuff like paper weights and ornaments – step aside, Chihuly and Corning!)
  • Pottery painting (Not exactly new, but haven’t done this in years)
  • Glass fusion (Designing and making glass objects like jewelery boxes, picture frames, etc.  Too much glass, huh?  Seems quite different from glassblowing, though.  Curious!)
  • Girls spa day (The munchkins are like chesire cats when it comes to manicures and pedicures, and oh, count me in too!).  Me and the chickis have President’s Day off, but N doesn’t.  Sound like spa day to me.
  • Making a vacation photo book (N has been organizing our vacation pics from last year for the past several weeks.  Should be “low hanging fruit” for me to organize the pics into an online album, get them printed on fancy paper, and declare victory!)
  • Maple sugar tapping at a local farm (v. excited about this one!)

I am learning that it is not that hard to find new stuff to do, you just need to be in that mindset.  Looking forward to some fun times! 🙂


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