Practiced the Aabhogi varnam like nobody’s business all of last week.  Practiced in the car enroute to work, while cutting vegetables, in the shower, you name it!  I absolutely nailed it (if I say so myself).  Went to bed last night smug with satisfaction, ready to show the teacher what I was made of.

I have told you before that class is on Sundays at 8 am.  Guess when I woke up?  At %$^&@!* 7:50 am.  Jumped out of bed (really not good), got ready in record time (while doing the barest minimum to get ready, of course), and was in the car by 8 am.  Did not have time for that critical first cuppa chai (big mistake).  Reached teacher’s house within 10 minutes after skidding twice while driving too fast on rainy roads (scary!!).

I got ready to strut my stuff, and found that I was unable to sing the higher pitches.  Forget the upper GAs and MAs, I could not even sing past the intermediate DHAs!!  I couldn’t believe that the scratchy voice I was hearing was mine!  Would have tried squeaking by with lip syncing in a group class, but unfortunately, still in private class at this time.  V. embarrassing, but teacher seemed used to the concept.  She sympathized with me that class timing was probably too early.  I did get through the varnam without missing a beat (although I missed most of the high notes).  Teacher taught me a new keerthanai, so apparently, I did manage to graduate from the varnam (yay!).

Returned from paatu class with an even more unmanageable, actually new, keerthanai to master within the next week.  But, more importantly, with class time switched to 3 pm.

Will definitely be awake by then. 🙂


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