Thursday is officially my “famine” day.  On most weeks.  Typically, after grocery shopping for the week on Sunday, I find that Thursday is the day when:

  • The milk jug is either empty, or worse, the milk has spoilt;
  • The good fruit has disappeared, and only squishy or white fungi-filled strawberries (ugh!) remain stuck to the bottom of the box;
  • The ginger has all been used up in multiple cups of masala chai;
  • Two tired looking karuveppalais remain at the bottom of the pack;
  • No fresh bread or bagels (bring on the idlies for breakfast!); and
  • Cookies, chips, and other remotely fun snacks are all gone.

Ok, I know you get the picture.

How about you?  Are you like me?  Or are you one of those hyper-efficient types that doesn’t miss a step and keeps the pantry stocked by going shopping on Wednesday evenings (in which case, I hate you)?


4 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. Hahaa…. our grocery shopping day is Thursday. We stay away from grocery shopping on Sat, and Sun, due to the crowd and also because I like to have our salads done for the week on Sat. I am not good in terms of judiciously using the stuff that we buy, so I have the opposite problem – tossing out perished groceries.

  2. I found a new organization (landtokitchen dot com) that I can order and the veggies, fresh from the farm are delivered at the doorstep within 24 hours. Love it. OF course, my grocery store always delivers with a phone call.
    Do you hate me yet?

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