I absolutely LOVE making resolutions in the New Year!!  Soooo tough to keep them, though.  I have been reading a lot about habits, recently.  Apparently, it takes 21 to 30 days of consistent practice to make a new habit.  Seems about right.  The first couple of weeks after quitting coffee were tough, but after that I got used to it and stopped having Pavlovian responses at the sight of the coffee-maker at work.

The key to making a habit change, it appears, is focus.  Don’t change too many things at once.  Just. won’t. work.  So.  In the spirit of making changes that stick (instead of going in 10 different directions all at once), in 2015, I am going to come up with one resolution a month, instead of several for the year.  It’s good if the habit sticks within a month.  If not, I am just going to throw one month at a time at the habit till it sticks.  That’s all it is.  Time and Focus.  Clever, no?

So.  In January 2015, I will….

Hmmm… Too soon.  Will tell you next year. 😉


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