The girls have been asking for a pet for years now.  Reluctantly stopped by the local animal shelter, SAVE, after telling the girls that we were there just to look and absolutely no promises.  Was not prepared for what happened there.  Of all the people, I fell totally in love with this adorable little four year old “laid-back shih tzu mix” dog with only one eye. Wookie.  He really was laid-back, played with us outside for a while, and kept trying to make us walk him towards a gross-looking dead squirrel (poor guy, may he RIP).  Wookie even followed our little one word commands like “stay” and “run”, although he didn’t “sit”.  And, luckily for us, didn’t decide to do his “business” while on our watch – not quite ready for that yet.  Super delightful dude, overall!!

I have always been so sure that I am not a pet person at all.  Last year’s visit to this same shelter to play with the cats (accompanied by multiple sneezing bouts that followed) only affirmed my feelings.  After seeing Wookie, I have to say, my uterus skipped a beat.  I could totally love this little mutt and be his Mama.  Or, more realistically, I could be Mama to another little mutt like him (since, let’s face it, I am not going to be ready tomorrow to pick him up).  But, I think I can be ready in a few months, once I have done my homework.

I know, I know.  I am in so much trouble. 😉


One thought on “Wookie

  1. A and V got a cat about six months back, and I couldn’t stand her, so gave her away much to the disappointment of both of them. They A got twin cats, which survived for a month before they ran away themselves. I didn’t feel too bad though. Now another fellow has adopted us, and now although the dude keeps asking me to abandon it, if I want, I can’t even dream of it.
    I thought I was the only weird one.

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