Chinna Change

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.” ~ Albert Einstein

Yahoo has always been the homepage on my browser.  So, each time I get on the internet for anything, I am assaulted with a multitude of news stories that I have no interest in (but end up checking out, nevertheless).  A real crazy a$$ picture of the Newtown school killer accompanied by an inane “news” item seems to be the top feature on Yahoo today.

A scroll down the page features other equally depressing news items like Ebola, cop shooting, fires in buildings that killed sleeping people, and fiance murdering.  Or entirely irrelevant things like Duchess Kate’s pretty dresses, and “Things Older Women Need to Stop Doing” (no, didn’t click on that).  After observing my stomach churn over such goings on (and realizing that there’s not a darn thing that I can do about any of it), decided to go to the Zen-like, almost completely white spaced, Google search page and make that my default homepage instead.  Aaaah, MUCH BETTER.

Wonder why I didn’t think of it sooner!


2 thoughts on “Chinna Change

  1. I stopped buying news paper for the exact same reason. The news that I need to know, I get anyway. No point getting all flustered first thing in the morning.
    And like Maha, I am a total googlaya namaha person too. Google is my open page on all my browsers (and I use three difft browers, for three different purposes.

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