Guppy Moment

What’s a Guppy Moment, you ask?  Really long story if I start getting into its origins and what it really means (and trust me, you don’t want to go that long).  But, in a nutshell, it’s a moment when you catch yourself being dumber than you ever thought possible (Ok, if that didn’t build up your anticipation, I don’t know what will).

So.  Amma and I went to NYC yesterday for some paperwork at the Indian Consulate, in frigid 30 degrees F weather (Guppy moment right there already, but that’s not what this post is about).  We reached the Consulate and found that there were only (!) eight people in line ahead of us.  I decided to follow my Saravana Bhavan logic.  What is that, you ask?  Well, whenever we go to SB, I place my order and then head to the restroom.  By the time I return, my piping hot food is usually waiting for me.  Super, no?  So, eternal optimist that I am, I told Amma that I would visit the restroom and by the time I returned they would likely call our number.

I went in the ladies room, and immediately started hearing the prelude to the delightful “mun andhi saaral nee” from 7Aum Arivu playing.  I was impressed.  I mean, remember that this is the Indian Consulate.  Pretty cool that they are piping regional language music in their restrooms, I thought to myself.  The song unceremoniously stopped half-way, though, and another one started.  It was “sara sara saarakaathu” from Vaagai Sooda Vaa this time.  Hmmmm…. someone at the Consulate is being a goofball playing around with their music selections instead of focusing on their work, I thought.  I couldn’t wait to get out and tell Amma about all the tamil music in the restroom, which just happened to be some of my favorite songs too (imagine that!).

I closed the restroom door and stepped into the (by this point) over-crowded small waiting room at the Consulate.  And found, to my consternation, that “sara sara” was still playing loudly, and everyone (including my own Mother) was giving me strange looks.

Sudden light bulb moment followed.

I reached into my pocket, turned off the loud music on my errant iPhone (ada che!), nonchalantly took my seat beside Amma, pretended to be engrossed in my book, and continued to wait (another hour) before we were finally called.

Step aside, Guppies.  We have a new winner. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Guppy Moment

  1. hahaha!!Kavi..Super hilarious. I actually was planning on visiting the consulate to just listen to the tamil songs….Seriously!! ROFL….

  2. In our house, we call it Sabapathi moment – no offense to Sabapathis of the world. And oh our days are filled with those – once I confidently took a train that was one hour later than the train that I was supposed to be in. But I came across someone who was even bigger Sabapathi than I – he traveled in a train that was one week later than what he had originally booked. So for every Sabapathi that feels bad, there’s a bigger Sabapathi……! I enjoyed your guppy moment…!

  3. You only have guppy moments? I have guppy days. Actually perhaps guppy years, considering how often I seem totally brainless.
    Would love to know the history of “guppy” and “sabapathi”. Maha..please?

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