Little N and little A both had eye doctor follow-up appointments this week.  Even though the doctor has left it to our discretion (with a prescription), I think both chickis will wear glasses (at least part of the time) before the end of the year.  I am now better adjusted to the concept of kannadi babes than I was a couple of years back when we first started our eye doctor appointments.  So evolved, no? 😉

Planning to bribe my two Rapunzels to trim their locks.  It’s been almost a year since they last agreed to a haircut (and that too, only by a couple of inches).  They like their hair long and that’s that.  Long hair is pretty and all, but I think there is a certain cute factor to short hair in kids.  Hope I get lucky and the chickis agree.

N has an India trip coming up this weekend.  I am never comfortable with anyone in the family traveling if everyone if the family is not traveling.  Hmmmm…. looking forward to his return already.

Had a disturbing, elaborate dream that self and family went on space travel on Virgin Galactic (Me and space travel? Should have known right then that it was a dream!).  Space travel lasted all of 10 minutes but the most disturbing part was to look out of spaceship and see palm trees swaying and a blue sky.  Was immediately shown the door upon landing before I could scream and warn other unsuspecting customers about VG’s con job.  Che!  I seem to always get these erratic dreams just when N is about to travel to India (see https://momto2cuddlebugs.wordpress.com/2013/05/23/dream/).  Not sure what to make of it.

This is the first time in years that we have no travel plans for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Ready to re-discover what scenic NJ has to offer this winter (hopefully not desperate last minute plane tickets to Florida!).

Meeting up with my relatives G&A (and their cute little not-quite one year old son V) this weekend.  Looking forward to it!

Happy weekend! 🙂


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