Moment of Truth

Week 7 without coffee is going swimmingly.  Can proclaim (with superior nose-in-the-air air) that I am not missing it one bit these days.  But, suddenly, realized something else (you knew there was something else, didn’t you?).  Have not put out any coherent thoughts on the blog (did I ever?) other than to report on “no coffee” progress and do (cop out easy peasy) Photo of the Week posts.  Did not even muster enough inclination to post briggy braggy pictures of this year’s Halloween pumpkin carvings.  Even those self-involved “Happenings” posts are getting to be few and far between.

But, can’t complain.  For the past few weeks, mind has been in this steady calm place without processing a dozen random unconnected thoughts a minute.  Ever-aspiring Zen Master is liking this place of calm.

So.  Looks like prior blog posts were all coffee induced ramblings, no?  Hope not (more for my sake than yours).

Well, well.  Time will tell (at least the rhyming is still there!). 😉


4 thoughts on “Moment of Truth

  1. Hello there Kavitha..Glad to connect with you from School days post decades through a ‘no cofee’ phase in your life…….I enjoy your little notes…….Its also
    interesting to know a person in so many different ways …..Also its amazing to see such a beautiful picture of yours from days in brown skirt and checked shirt..:) Warmly

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