A Month without Coffee

Made it to a month without coffee!  Wish I could have said “A month without caffeine” but that would be lying.  Half a cup of (combined) black and green tea in the mornings is doing it’s job for me.  And keeping me from going bat crazy pining for coffee the rest of the day.  Plus, I feel like there are some pretty decent associated improvements (hopefully, not all just in my head!):

  • The skin on my face feels clearer (always a wonderful thing)
  • I am not constantly on “alert” mode all the time these days
  • I am finding it easier to pause instead of knee-jerk reacting as usual to happenings around me (well, most of the time)
  • I have lost a couple of pounds in the past month (from not consuming unneeded sugar and milk with my coffee at all hours)

Not too shabby, no?

I was reading the other day about people whose chronic backpain disappeared once they stopped drinking coffee for a few months (from resting those over-worked adrenals, they say).  Hmmmm…. won’t complain if that happens here! 🙂


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