It is 3:45 pm on a Thursday.  Been a while since lunch, and a ways to go before dinner.  I check out the vending machine and find no cookies or peanuts in there.  Not being in the mood for sticky rice krispies or cheese puffs (and being off caffeinated beverages), I walk back to my office mildly discontented.  After 15 minutes of continuous snack thoughts, decide (resignedly) that I will just snack on one of the ubiquitous (read unpopular) bananas that are always lying around in the office kitchen.

Walk back to the kitchen and am flabbergasted to find ZERO bananas.  Can’t understand how colleagues all suddenly turned fruitarian, and demolished more than a dozen bananas that I swear I walked past this morning without a second glance.

Hmmmm…. (missing) bananas seem prettttty good to me right now. 😉


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