Three weeks later (is that all it’s been?), still off coffee and (finally) at the point of not missing it and pining for it.  Came close to cheating once though.  Caved in and made myself a cup (it was once of those hectic Golu days), but actually just took a sniff and threw it in the sink.  Didn’t want to sabotage all the hard work of the past weeks.  On half a cup of mixed green and black tea per day these days, and no complaints.  Not bad, no?

Having soooo much fun with the “Favorite Quotes” page on my blog.  I am adding at least a couple every day and am loving the digging around for more.  Truly one of my favorite things!

Little N’s cast comes off in a week.  Hope her fracture is nicely healed, and stays that way when she jumps back into her activities.

Little A wrote in school this week that there are six in the family.  I asked her who the six were (since there are only five at home right now, including Amma).  I was wondering if she included one of her stuffed animals – perhaps her current favorite Racoony.  Little A replied, “Well, I included J paati as well.  Even though J paati is in India, and it’s been a while since she’s visited us, both paatis are included in our family.”  Sweet, no?  Made me smile.

Happy Tuesday! 🙂


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