Something New

I have always been a lover of quotes.  In college, I used to write a new quote on my class blackboard every day, and used to sign it with a flourish (KTU for K, the Ultimate — oh, those lovely, juvenile days!).  The quote writing, I recall, stopped after an irate professor demanded to know who this KTU person was, and I had to sheepishly fess up.

During my early FB days (over five years ago), I got into the habit of posting a pithy quote each day (after all, FB was asking me “what’s on your mind?”).  Got away from that after a friendly acquaintance wondered about what was up with all my Jack Handey-isms.

Hmmmm…. self has been self-conscious quote poster in the past, it seems!  Well.  Not anymore.  I have told you before, older = bolder.  Today, I figured out how to add a new page onto my blog.  So, just like that, “Favorite Quotes” is now a clickable new page on my blog!

Planning to add a quote a day (or how many ever a day that catch my fancy).  Something new, and something that I love to do (ooooh, cutesy rhyming!).  Check out the beginnings at

Do check back (frequently) for updates, ok?  I know you will. 🙂


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