Shallow Superficial September

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against this lovely month of Back to School, Navarathri, and a multitude of other joys.  No, this is not about dissing September at all.  I had previously written that I am going to start focusing on ME in September.  Decided that it is time to plunge into action when I found myself heading to an important work meeting with two giant pimples on my cheek.  Wait.  Don’t get bugged just yet.  Told you this was going to be shallow and superficial, no?  You still started reading, so just stick with me till the end, ok?

I found myself sitting across from my boss trying to strategically position my hands over my face so that I looked like I was thinking (all the while hoping that the giant almost-alive things on my face were not smiling directly at him).  Not pleasant, let me tell you, having to deal with these presumed-to-be teenager issues at a time when my own munchkin is teeter-tottering on the brink of teenagehood.

I know (from personal experience) that a balanced diet goes a long way towards clear skin.  I have always been fairly decent (ok, somewhat decent) with the veggies.  But the fruit – well, not so much.  In fact, I think that the last time I voluntarily ate a piece of fruit was all the way back in June while on vacation (yikes!!!).

So.  In September, I will choose fruit and veggies over caffeine and salty stuff every single day.  Apparently, if you do something daily for 21+ days without taking a break, there is a high likelihood that it will become an ingrained long-term habit in you.  Hmmmm…. Is it possible that I will become this hard core fruit and veggie lover by the end of September?  Wild, if that really happens!!

For now, I will settle for a clear face before Navarathri rolls around in three weeks! 🙂


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