Memo to my Middle Schooler

My dear little N,

Yes, I realize that you are not so little anymore.  After all, you are as tall as Patti now!  Yet, given how old I am, twelve years is not that long ago.  It seems like yesterday that

  • we brought you home from the hospital, and you cried angrily all the way in the car, just hating your reverse facing car seat (so opinionated even as a newborn!)
  • you said “Astronaut” before you said “Amma” (you were all of six months old then!)
  • you enjoyed doing “lean back and feel the breeze” in the evenings with Daddy when you were three (his most favorite super special memory of you!)
  • you used to pretend talk, when you were two, on my clunky cell phone (for waaaay longer than you do on your cool iPhone now)
  • you were soooo crazy about Thomas-the-tank-engine (what did you ever do with the hundreds of engines that we bought you?!)
  • you and I fought over your favorite dinosaur and truck t-shirts (but I still let you wear them anyway)

I have so many more lovely little stories that I treasure from our journey together so far.

I love how responsible you are and have always been.  And how you always try to do the right thing.  Well, as much as possible. 😉  I know that I drive you nuts sometimes (only sometimes?!) with all my rules and worrying.  I am sure you realize that it’s all for your own good (it really is, just take my word for it for now, ok?).  It has been my pleasure and pride to watch you blossom into this lovely little lady that you are.  And I look forward to your teenage years, which I am sure will be a tremendous delight (hahahahhahahaaa!).

Love you so much, my munchkin!  Have a wonderful 12th birthday, and the best year ever!!!!

P.S. I love love love the sudden, surprise hugs that I get from you.  Do keep them coming! 🙂


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