Summer’s End

Surely there’s nothing like class teacher assignments, and school supply lists to signal the impending end of summer.  This has been an amazing summer so far (hmmmm…. feel like I say this every year!).  Some happenings:

  • Vacation in Italy, with pistachio gelatos every morning (soooo moving there when we retire!)
  • Amma’s arrival from Portland (which made all things food-related SO much easier)
  • Biking several times a week (v. impressed with self for keeping this one up!)
  • Dinner and movie nights with friends (did a lot more of it this summer, fun!)
  • Game nights with the family (Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, and the ever-green Uno and plain old cards)
  • Made and delivered brownbag lunches to TASK (Hope to repeat this once more before school starts, because, face it, we never get it done at any other time of the year)
  • Several Red Berry and Bent Spoon outings (Just for the chickis.  Self is still trying to work off the gelati from June)
  • N’s super creative gardening (I mean, even our landscaper and sprinkler maintenance guys are all hoots and whistles over our pretty yard!  Feel soooo proud though didn’t move a single finger to help with any of it)
  • Hospital scare for Amma (Well.  Not part of the “amazing” but part of the “happenings”, nevertheless)
  • No beach outings to date (V. bad.  Hoping to make a dash for it this saturday, just to check the box. Sad, no?)

Yet to come this summer: Two birthdays next week (bowling party for one, and chilling at home for the other), and maybe a sleep-over visit to NYC just to strettttttttch out every remaining bit of this super idyllic summer.

Then, not much else to do, but to rev up and get ready for the new school year.  Strange, but kinda looking forward to that too. 🙂


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