Spent the weekend at the hospital.  No, not for self.  Amma had a health scare (that luckily didn’t manifest into anything major at this time).  It was an intense couple of days, to say the least.  Some observations:

  • Amma and I sat in the ER for over 6 hours on friday night.  She finally got transferred to her hospital room at 4 am because she needed to be kept under observation for an additional 24 hours.  Amma’s first words on entering the room?  “I am so glad there is a pull-out sofa bed here for you to get some rest.”  Mind-blowing, a mother’s heart!
  • My neighbor, S, who also happens to be my primary doctor was my rock.  From the minute I called her when Amma was having some initial discomfort, she was by our side and helped us get through several initial tests.  She also constantly checked on Amma over the weekend, got inside scoop from the hospital doctors on Amma’s condition, and kept us updated.  Felt truly blessed to have such a wonderful neighbor and doctor!
  • I had forgotten how good the hospitals here are (been a while since the maternity days).  Our new hospital was as posh and comfy as a four star hotel. 🙂
  • Several people were surprised that I was sleeping on the hospital couch and didn’t just go home and leave a phone number on file for the nurse to call me, if needed.  I was, in turn, surprised at their surprise.  Why is it considered a big deal for a daughter to spend time with an ailing parent, especially over an otherwise idle weekend?  Hmmmm…. not following.
  • My friends, A, S, R, and my other neighbor, S (ooooh, both my neighbors are S’s, didn’t realize until now!) constantly texted me to check on Amma’s condition, and A brought over some yummy dinner.  Felt v. supported (thank you much, my lovely ladies!!).
  • It would have been Appa’s 76th birthday on August 9th.  It was a day filled with anxiety but no complaints with how it all turned out in the end.
  • Sunday was Avani Avittam.  I had it all set up for N to go get his poonal formally changed this year at the priest’s house (since he usually does it on his own at home).  Not meant to happen.  With me and Amma at the hospital, N was holding down the fort at home, and could not go to the priest’s house.  Will have to try again next year (Note to N: no, I am not letting this go!). 😉

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