August Rules

No, not saying that August is the best month of the year (we already know that it is).  These are some rules that I came up with, for us to implement as a family during August (Yes, I am always a sucker for self-improvement).

So.  Here’s what we are going to work on in August:

  • Get along nicely with each other (Inspired after watching the girls trying to kick and sit on each other one evening after a mini-squirmish over some cards.  Not a bad rule for adults either, no?)
  • Get your work done first thing daily (Not fun, but necessary, as the start of the school year is a mere three and a half weeks away – eeek!)
  • Mom and Dad Up (As a reminder to self and N that parenting is not a democracy)
  • No cushions (As a reminder to not always take the easy route, especially when there is a better choice at hand.  For example, do I watch a movie and sit around eating potato chips, or do I get the butties outdoors every evening, and bike for 10 miles?)
  • Have fun (Always an important family goal, and besides it’s been a glorious summer!)

Hmmmm… upon reflection, seems like most of the self-improvement goals are really not directed towards self, but towards nagging the munchkins, no?

Well.  I won’t tell them if you won’t. 😉


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