Gratitude Journal

Gratitude has totally fallen by the wayside.  The last time I did a gratitude post was all the way back in March.  Hmmm…. not sure why.  But better late than never, no?  So, here it is.  A listing of things that made me smile this week:

  • Biking (almost) every evening with N and the girls, and with my friend A’s family (super delight to bike as a group in the fading evening sun with cool temperatures that seem a little surreal for July)
  • Signing up for a 11 mile family ride at the local bike fest coming up in September (self is total biker chick these days!)
  • Weekend coming up (sheer happiness on its own merit)
  • Weekend plans with a bunch of different friends (beach if it doesn’t rain, game night, and lunch out at a Dosa joint that we’ve never been to)
  • Watching the chickis play nicely with each other (was even happier to see them quiz each other on tricky spelling words (super geek mommy!), but, alas, that “game” lasted only a few minutes)
  • New therapist (my third one in seven months), who finally seems to get what’s causing my back pain and is actually giving me some sweet massages (mmmm…. who was it that said “third time’s the charm”?!)
  • Delivering brown bag lunches made by Amma and the munchkins to the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (finally did it after talking about it forever!)
  • Last but not least, cook coming over to make dinner tonight (gobi parathas, alu methi and lauki channa dal sabji – YUM!!)

Happy weekend!


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