VIP Review

Velai Illa Pattadhari.  Went for the 10 pm show with Amma and my friend, S, with much anticipation.  The couple of reviews that I had cursorily looked through previously seemed favorable.  Perhaps they were for another movie, I should have double-checked.

Some highlights:

  • Slim storyline
  • Slimmer, one pack flaunting Dhanush
  • Acting theriyaadha Amala Paul
  • Wimpy brother for Dhanush (just to make him look all the more macho)
  • Jarring music
  • Incomprehensible lyrics
  • Inane choreography
  • Lukewarm villain
  • Disgusting smoking and drinking (with warning text flashing on the side about how bad smoking and drinking are for you – what’s up with these disclaimers in the movies these days?)
  • Mildly promising Saranya (but, unfortunately, dead before intermission)
  • Male engineers by the droves (but not one female – really annoyed the feminist in me, not to mention the engineer)

Ada che!  Should have bought the samosas and masala chais that were being sold (awesome NJ!!) before entering the theater.  Would have kept me mildly entertained at least.

P.S. I am aware of the irony.  This is a LOT of complaining right on the tails of promising to go the “No Complaints” route.  What to do?  Staying up till 1 am to watch this BS brings out the best in me. 😉


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