No Complaints

I read about this in The Huffington Post.  The “Complaint Free Bracelet”.  Check it out at

The goal is to wear the bracelet on one hand, and go 21 days without any negative talk or complaining.  No negative thoughts either.  If you catch yourself in the act, then you need to switch the bracelet to the other hand, reset the clock to Day 0, and try to make it to 21 days again.  Pretty taken with the concept.  I mean, what a wonderful place the world would be if people would just be positive, not gossip, and not spread negativity around?!

Still.  I am not planning to buy the purple bracelet (even at $10 for 10).  Don’t need that kind of clutter.  But I do plan to wear a bracelet that I already own, with the same intent, and see if I can make it to 21 days of just absolute peachiness.

I think (no, I know) that it will be tough.  But it’s about time that I made a concerted effort.  I mean, even my blood group says B+. 😉

Want to join me?  Come on, you know you can do it!


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