Get Lost

No, not cursing at you.  Do stay and read on. 🙂

We took our GPS with us on vacation (and saved a few sweet buckaroos on our car rental).  Brought it safely back home (no small feat on its own) but to take it back to my car from inside the house has been too much for me.  And so it has been sitting on the counter top in our garage for the last three weeks.

I headed out to an appointment this morning enroute to work not remembering that I didn’t have the GPS with me.  Got pretty close to my location and then realized it.  First reaction was heart in mouth and minor cussing, but I got over it quickly.  I was 15 minutes early so decided to relax since I had some luxury to drive around and get lost.

Get lost, I did.  And not a bad thing, at all.  Instead of driving around in autopilot mode with mind switched off (as I usually do with the GPS – and be honest, so do you!), I had to consciously look around, read the names of the streets, and think about where I was relative to where I wanted to be.  Have not done this in years (since my grad school days with the giant Rand McNally maps).  Exercising the brain a bit for something that I usually don’t felt good.  Mindfulness, as always, is a wonderful thing!

Hmmmm… maybe I will let that GPS remain on the garage counter top after all. 😉


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