And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time.” ~ T. S. Eliot

The girls started art lessons a couple of weeks back.  Usually, it’s just one of the girls but this time both signed up.  Plop in the middle of a saturday afternoon, N and I were left with an hour and a half of time to ourselves.  A strange phenomenon, unheard of since 2002, when the delightful munchkin number one arrived.  So.  Grabbed the chance to wander around Princeton stopping to browse in (pricey) little shops at street corners, peeking into the glass-walled public library that’s always been somewhat of a curiosity, and sitting around the rest of the time at a park bench chatting and people watching.  Picked up the chickis after class, and joined the looooong line of ice cream lovers at The Bent Spoon.  Didn’t do much at all that lazy saturday afternoon, but really enjoyed it.

That was the first art lesson.  Yesterday was their second class.  N and I had agreed that we would drop off the girls at class and go shopping for a new dishwasher (yawn!).  The old dishwasher is getting quite vile, emitting strange odors and sounds, and registering its desire for retirement by only half cleaning most dishes that are piled in.  We dropped off the chickis but neither of us had any inclination to get on the fast road to the appliance store (who does?).  Plus, why do anything today that you can put off until tomorrow?  So.  Wandered around Princeton again, stopped by different pricey shops, had some super strong and YUM coffee, took in a free outdoor jazz concert at Palmer Square, chatted and people watched some more (some seriously sharply dressed people in Princeton, as compared to the fine folks in our own town just on the other side of Route 1).

We’ve lived in this area for over 13 years now, but it suddenly feels like we are tourists in our own neck of the woods. Mmmmm…. loving it and looking forward to our next art lesson already. 🙂


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