Reading Tote

Went with little N to the library to check out some books on her required summer reading list for school.  Remembered being in the mood to read “Eat Pray Love” by Liz Gilbert or “Under the Tuscan Sun” by Francis Mayes while on vacation (what better time to read about Tuscany than while wandering around Tuscany?).  Saw both books at a lovely little bookstore in Siena, but the hefty price tag of 21 euros (followed by some quick multiplication to convert to dollars) kept me in check.  Looked for these books at our local library this morning and was delighted to find both!  Cannot wait to dig into both once I finish some serious work deliverables by mid-next week.

I have long been curious about Anne Frank’s Diary but have been too intimidated to pick it up.  I browsed through a few pages at the library.  There is a confiding conversational air about the book that is hard to resist.  I am sure I will be shedding more than a few tears over this book in the next couple of weeks.

Also picked up “1,000 Places to See Before You Die”, although I don’t approve of “die” in the title (che, bad luck!).  N and I always like to plan ahead for the next vacation, so figured it might as well be one of the 1,000 chosen ones.

Looking forward to some delicious summer reads!  How about you?  What’s in your reading tote this summer?


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