First day back at work after vacation.  Have been hunkering down and wading through hundreds of emails over the past hour.  While giant stacks of “presents” left on my desk by my co-workers compete for my attention.  Can’t complain though.  Vacation was just glorious, and I have a great boss who just stopped by to ask me to take it easy on my first day back.  Plus, I was planning to work over the weekend for a major report due early next week.  But that deadline got pushed out a couple of weeks as well.  With the lovely long weekend stretching ahead of me, feeling pretty lucky today. 🙂

I meant to write every day while on vacation, but turns out I wrote more on the build up to vacation (the usual complaints about the mile long to-do list).  I did manage a few scribbles on the actual vacation too.  Read about it all on my (long lost) vacation blog.

In case you are wondering, I NEVER publish stuff while on vacation.  Only after.  So.  Bear with me, and chalk it down to another of my million quirks.

Happy reading!


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