The Passage of Time

As the school year draws to an end, I am increasingly aware of how quickly time passes us by.  Little N starts 7th grade this fall (eeeek!) and little A starts 3rd grade.  I started writing this blog in January 2012, when little N was 9.  I am learning that the difference between ages 9 and 11 is not 2 years.  More like 5, it seems.  Little N was always quite an independent child, even when she was just starting pre-school.  She is not quite 12 yet, but I somehow catch myself thinking that we are in the teenage years already.  Hmmmm…. should I change my blog name from momto2cuddlebugs to momto1coolcatplus1cuddlebug? 😉

Butt shots are my specialty (yes, niche photography).  Below are two pictures captured of the two most precious butties in my life – the first one in December 2007 inside a maze near Hilo in Hawaii, and the second one in May 2014, in our own Princeton Junction train station, as we were returning from a weekend in NYC.



The passage of time (gently) hits me in the face each time I see these pics together.  Sigh!


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