The Power of Taste

Had a coke with my sandwich for lunch today.  Have not had a coke in years (ok, in several months at least).  That fizz-filled first sip knocked me over with memories.  Specifically, it took me back almost 20 years to my first week in Canada as a grad student.  I was then temporarily piled on (as a non-paying guest) in postdoctoral researcher Dr. P’s house (for whose hospitality when I was a stranger in a foreign land, I am forever grateful).  An otherwise thoughtful Mrs. P somehow did not realize that new grad students (especially fresh off-the-boat foodie vegetarian chicks like self) would need a bagged lunch.  Not Mrs. P’s fault, she had two young kids at that time, packing lunches for them was probably all she could handle (as I know from personal experience now).  And, of course, there was no way I was going to impose more than I was already, and actually ask her for lunch.  So.  My daily lunch that first week in the western hemisphere consisted entirely of coke and potato chips (what else can you get from vending machines?).

Amazing no, how far back in time just a little swig can take you!


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