Photo of the Week – 12

N has been working soooo hard in the garden this spring.  Except it doesn’t look like he considers it work (and little A seems to be taking after him).  I, on the other hand (with my unrelenting spring allergies), get in the car, put my blinders (ok, sunglasses) on, and drive straight back out of the garage without interacting with the plants.  Well.  Except when I accidentally run over potted plants while reversing the car, which has happened twice this week already.

Today, walked outside briefly to take the trash out (v. important).  Saw this as I was walking back down our driveway.


I remember seeing this when it was just a solid log.  I remember N asking me to go check out the log a few days back, and me telling him that I will go see it in a bit (hmmmm…. kind of unsupportive, no?).  Somehow, never got around to checking it out till today.

I am blown away by how cool it looks, and how much effort N has put into creating it.

Never seen cacti prettier than these in my life! 🙂


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