Just Do It

Find myself at that magical place when I have completed every single task on my to do list for the day.  Except for two that compete for the higher unpleasant-ness factor:

1. Annual budget update for a complex project, including a tracking of spending to date to confirm that we are within budget so far (my favorite part, ugh!); and

2. Review with a fine-toothed comb the terms and conditions of a 50 page (tiny font, single-spaced) air permit approval from the state to confirm that my client can live with them.

No, I don’t trust anyone else to do either task as well as me (humble, no?).  So, cannot in good faith bring myself to delegate (though it did cross my mind).

Hmmmm….whichever way you slice it, seems to be no other choice but to follow Nike’s order.


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