Paradox of Housekeeping

How is it possible that we have Pampers diapers and Desitin tubes in various sizes (all of which are at least four years old) within easy reach in our top nightstand drawer, and yet have to go out and buy a new thermometer each time one of the kids seems to run a fever?

Hmmmm…. really mysterious (and mildly disturbing), I say. 😦


2 thoughts on “Paradox of Housekeeping

  1. That’s because the diapers and the rash tubes are sitting there untouched!!!! Whereas your poor thermometer is over abused.Try looking for it in the fridge or maybe your closet 🙂

  2. Ha ha, you are better. The clutter phobe that I am, I throw out stuff if it hasn’t been used for 2 weeks, and so it is often a mad scramble for essentials all the time – thermometer, acetaminophen, cough drops, sanitary napkins…

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