When Life Hands You a Lemon

Saturday morning update: Varuna bhagavan mysteriously disappeared and was unfortunately replaced by Surya bhagavan in all his resplendent glory.  The soccer league decided that such a lovely saturday shouldn’t go to waste.  Soccer volunteering was back on the map.  N and I clutched briefly but decided that there was only one thing to do.  No, not pretend to be sick or any BS like that.  We take it seriously when we give our word (that’s why we try not to give our word in the first place).  So.  We split the three and a half hour volunteer slot.

In my hour and a half share (didn’t split time evenly), I took a quick read of the situation and assessed (correctly) that responsible soccer parents can self-regulate and don’t need policing.  So, I sprawled on a beach chair by the side of the road (sunglasses and all), sipping my cold water, reading the latest issue of AFAR from cover to cover (super travel magazine, check it out!), and taking in the warm sun (Vitamin D!).

As I remarked (a la Will Smith in “Men in Black”) when N showed up for the second shift, “I make this s&^t look good.” 😉


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