Lucky Ducky

Little N has been playing soccer in the local league all year.  Both little N and little A are playing in the league this spring.  The league requires that at some point, over the course of the year, parents volunteer three hours or so of their time or lose their $75 bond deposit.  We have less than a month of soccer to go this year.  And, of course, we are verrrry close to losing the deposit.  Earlier this week, I got an email with several volunteer opportunities listed.  It was a slow day at work, so I opened the email instead of deleting it as usual.  The latest volunteer op was to regulate traffic around the fields where the games were played (which mostly involves telling errant parents to park in the appropriate parking spaces, and not right on the grass where their precious child is playing).  Small catch, though.  The timing was from 8:30 am to 12 pm on a saturday morning.

I signed up anyway ($75-na chummava!) and told N about it.  N was NOT pleased.  What a pointless activity to go stand in the fields pretending to regulate traffic, he grumbled.  I offered to go instead of him, but he wouldn’t hear of it (thanks to my pollen allergies going crazy this week).  I reminded N that the previous volunteer op involved actual work seeding the fields for the next season.  At least there is a point to that activity, said N.  With his interest in gardening, that would probably have been a better fit for him too.  Anyway, the damage was done. I had signed him up and he was resigned to spending saturday morning traffic policing.


It is now friday.  And it has been pouring cats and dogs all day.  The fields would be a soggy mess by now.  How much can they dry up before tomorrow morning’s games?  I check my email (yes, I do this verrrrry frequently, unfortunately) and I see a message from the league.  Asking us to check our emails (that again?!) by 7 am tomorrow morning to see if the games are on.  And reassuring us volunteers that we would get our $75 credit even if the games are canceled tomorrow.

Varuna Bhagavan’s appearance in our lives could not have come at a better time.  Am I feeling lucky?  Bet your blue boots, I am. 😉


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