Now and Ten

I recently read an article that posed a simple question.  “What did you enjoy doing when you were 10 years of age?”  Apparently, chances are very high that several decades later you will continue to find that activity quite enjoyable.  Made me think.

I started writing daily in my diary when I was 10.  My thoughts, feelings, grades (eeek!), squabbles and games with V, food (thayir sadam and manga thokku featured a LOT during summer months!), movies, beach outings, you name it.  I still have that first diary with me.  One of my treasured possessions.  I am blown away by how confiding, earnest, and matter-of-fact my 10 year old self sounds.  Makes for a very interesting read (if I say so myself).

When I was in 11th grade, I briefly toyed with the idea of majoring in literature, but never gave it any serious thought. After all, being in the “science group” in high school, you were not worth your salt if you didn’t at least aspire to become either a doctor or an engineer. Nobody ever told me this, but it was just in the air – an unquestioned fact of life.  Still, even though I didn’t make a career out of it, writing still gives me sooooo much pleasure after all these years.  It is truly amazing how little some things change.

So.  What I read in that article seems to be true, at least in my case.  Go ahead and tell me.  What did you enjoy doing at 10?  Do you still enjoy that activity?

P.S. Clever post title, you say? Yes, I think so too. 🙂


One thought on “Now and Ten

  1. Writing. Just like my daughter’s room, my house was filled with bits and pieces of paper with all kinds of poems and essays…

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