Bliss is…

  • lying flat on your back with outstretched palms, on an oversized trampoline in your backyard, in the middle of a bright sunny sunday afternoon, after a yummy lunch (unfortunately, made by self);
  • watching beautiful white clouds go by and realizing that you haven’t done this in years (if ever);
  • watching your hubby and kids hard at work in the same backyard planting a vegetable garden (and not once asking you to get off your lazy a$$ and give them a hand); and
  • waiting for older munchkin to materialize with tall cold glass of home-made lemonade.

Don’t think there’s a better definition of bliss in the dictionary. 🙂


One thought on “Bliss

  1. No, there isn’t.
    Actually today at the pool, as I backfloated looking up at the blue summer sky, I felt the bliss too.

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