It’s been quite a happening weekend.

  • Yesterday was N’s birthday.  Had a really fun (unplanned) day trip.  Spent the day in Ocean City (located in our own fine state, not the MD version).  Little N’s violin orchestra group performed at the beach pier.  In our 13 years in NJ, we have never been to Ocean City.  Takes over an hour and a half to get there – probably whey we never made it there in the past.  Really nice beach, though, and quite a lively boardwalk.  Seagulls everywhere!  Need to plan ahead and bring a picnic lunch the next time – unless we want to pig out again on curly fries, cotton candy, pizza, caramel popcorn, and other assorted calorie bombs (yikes!).
  • After the performance, little N was wandering around the boardwalk with a couple of friends.  Little A wanted to do haunted house mini-golf (sounds cool, no?).  I didn’t want to throw out my back (even more than it already is), so N and little A went mini-golfing.  I found myself on the scenic boardwalk alone with a yummy cappuccino in hand, 45 minutes to myself, and no idea what to do.  I caught myself alternating between looking down the boardwalk to see if I could spot little N somewhere, staring at the phone so I wouldn’t miss a text from her, and looking at the entrance to the haunted house for little A and N’s re-appearance.  As I told N later, decided that I needed to (at least try to) get a life, and find the “me” in Mommee.
  • Speaking of Mommee, the girls made my Mother’s Day morning super duper special!!!  With breakfast in bed (tomato and feta omelette on toast, butter cut in a heart shape, orange juice, and filter coffee), a bunch of presents, and fresh cut flowers from our yard.  Little N had bought me a pretty bracelet in Ocean City with an “Om” charm – verrrry zen, no?  Little A made a lovely little Mommy key chain at school, and a mini-bouquet with two gorgeous art flowers.  Both the girls also wrote delightful little poems and letters.  Can’t stop smiling today.  Hmmmm…. Maybe I will look for the “me” later, when N and I are empty nesters.  LOVE being Mommee right now. 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day!


One thought on “Happenings

  1. Happy mother’s day. The breakfast sounds delish. As did the ocean city break.
    I don’t think we can ever be “me” totally once we become momee. And a lot of it is by choice too.

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