I read this MUCH needed article today on “The Huffington Post”.  Was actually about to do a super grumpy post in lieu of the gratitude journal, but stopped myself.  Peak pollen season is not the best time of the year for me – I have vented about this at the exact same time last year and the year before last.  I have also vented enough about back pain since January.  What’s the point of another whine?  So.  I am sharing instead this timely reminder about the power of a smile.  Not much in the article itself, except that it’s timing was a knock on my head to stay positive (even if it’s hard work remembering it sometimes).

Speaking of the Huff Post, I recently read “Thrive” by Arianna Huffington.  Pretty good read – talks about redefining success and the way we live.  One of the major recommendations in the book is to get lots of sleep (totally my kind of book, I say!).  N and I are also halfway through watching “Shaadi ke side effects”.  Quite a fun movie.  Liking it so far, and would recommend it if you are a Bollywood movie watcher.  Hope to finish watching it tonight (and get lots of sleep as well).

Ok then.  Happy Monday!  Now that’s really being positive, don’t you agree? 😉



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