For the past month, I have been coming in early to work, and N has been dropping off little A at the bus.  I usually call a little after to find out how the bus drop off went (yes, control freak, I know).  Instead of the usual “it was fine”, N was in a venting mood yesterday.  “The kid has no sense of urgency in the mornings”, he complained.  “She rides her scooter around the block while waiting for the bus, and then walks slowly to the bus after dropping the scooter back in the garage, even though she sees the bus already at our stop.  If she is sitting in the car, she takes her own time to open the car door and get out to walk to the bus.  There’s really no rushing at all.”  Sounds like a supremely well-adjusted kid, I thought, with a touch of satisfaction (because it is soooo contrary to how I would had behaved when I was little).  Plus, it’s easy to enjoy from a distance.  After all, I am not the one scrambling around in the mornings anymore.

N had an early work meeting today, so after a long hiatus, I dropped off little A at the bus.  I asked her how things were going with daddy dropping her in the mornings (vambu, no?).  She says, “Oh, he just keeps working on the computer all the time.  You know how you had my clothes ready by 7:02 am today (don’t you LOVE that precision!)?  I have to keep telling daddy that we are running late.  But he keeps working.  Then, at 8 am, I go and iron my clothes, comb my hair, put on my clothes, socks and shoes, and get ready.  It is then time for the bus, so I tell him that we must leave now, and open the door to go to the bus stop.  And then finally he comes to the bus stop with me.”

Hmmmm…. wonder what really goes on in the mornings these days! 😉


One thought on “Perspective

  1. Ha ha.
    I side with the dad though. I know exactly how that feels. My kid is like me – hyper and all. But the car pool kids drive me nuts. They would see me waiting to pick them up, and then amble along ever so slowly to the car…I end up feeling like I am going to get a stroke or something !

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