Spring Break 2014

Spring break 2014.  An abridged version of the usual spring break due to too many snow days this year.  It lasted all of four days with a school day inconveniently thrown in the middle of the week.  Last year, for spring break, we went to France (to celebrate our 15th anniversary, and our four decades on Mother Earth).  Tough to beat that, you say?  Well.  We tried.

Things that we did this year:

  • Had playdates for the kids with friends (this worked out better for little A than little N, since most of little N’s close friends were out on mini-breaks)
  • Played Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride late into the night (well, till 10 pm) with no thought of bed time and school nights
  • Played several rounds of carrom board with the kids (brought back memories of me and V playing for hours every day during our summer holidays)
  • Got the girls to practice some piano and violin (a major feat, since both seemed to be of the impression that nothing productive must be done over spring break)
  • Lounged around at the Labyrinth bookstore in Princeton, and got through a delightful book filled with photographs of New York from cover to cover (“Humans of New York” by Brandon Stanton)
  • Worked from home for a couple of days (a fun thing in of itself, no?)
  • Sat around on the sunny family room couch working and sipping masala chai, while the girls bounced off their extra energy on the backyard trampoline
  • Took little N with me to work for a couple of hours (and was soooo proud to watch her talk politely and confidently with my colleagues that stopped by to check her out)
  • Went on a mini-trip to Chesapeake Bay thursday through sunday since we anticipated (correctly) that sitting around home the whole week would be good for no one (but the Chesapeake adventures are a separate post)

So.  Tomorrow, back to school and work.  God’s in his heaven, and all is well with the world. 🙂


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