I am Feeling Lucky

I actually said this to myself yesterday.  Why?

  • I was driving with little N on Route 1 while also catching up with Amma on the phone  (Bad to talk while driving, no?  But it is so tempting – that little window of free time with nothing (?) to do).  On top of it, decided that the driver in front was not going fast enough for me, and abruptly changed lanes.  As I was merging to the left, suddenly realized with heart in mouth that I was within a couple of inches of the car that was already on that lane (forgot to do blind spot check).  And swerved wildly right back onto my lane.  Little N looked up briefly from the book she was reading to shoot me a look of disbelief.  Felt v. ashamed of self, and drove like careful ducky for the rest of the ride home.
  • Went to Trader Joe’s, bought a cart full of groceries, and then realized that my pocket book (with all my credit cards, driver’s license, and other important stuff that need not be carried around all the time) was missing.  Heart in mouth again.  Wondered whether to madly run around the crowded store searching for the pocket book.  Meanwhile, organized little N was trying to figure out which of our purchases needed to be taken off the cart so that our total charges came to under $20 (which was all the cash we had on us).  At the suggestion of the friendly cashier, I decided to first search my car, and found that the lovely pocket book had indeed fallen in the back.  I have owned it for over 15 years now.  It has never looked prettier to me.
  • Cook came over in the evening, and made methi thepla, alu gobi sabji, and vegetable pulao.  Have never tried thepla before.  Turns out it’s her specialty.  She blew it out of the ball park yesterday.  Dinner was super yum, a foodie’s dream!

Overall, a pretty lucky day, no? 🙂


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