Spend Out

One of the (many) things that caught my attention in Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project is the concept of “spend out”.  That is, instead of saving up stuff to use “some time later, at some special occasion”, it is best to use it up right now.  Because, what is real is now, not later.  Very zen concept, no?  Was quite taken with it.

So.  Today is the first day of spring break for the munchkins.  A gorgeous 75 degree F sunny day.  Decided to go for a walk around Princeton.  I got ready to wear my favorite ratty black and white sweater, and an even older pair of blue jeans (for what must be the hundredth time).  Suddenly, remembered the concept of spend out.  And changed into a brand new breezy white and blue cotton top that screams summer (not spring, directly on to summer here), tiny diamond earrings, and black rhinestone studded leggings.

Feeling prettttty pleased with self.  Liking this spending out.

Hope you decide to spend out today too! 🙂


One thought on “Spend Out

  1. I so totally subscribe to the spend out rule (except in the case of money where the rainy day concept holds good). I have come to realized that not spending out is the sole cause for clutter of both mind and body.
    Have you watched Home Alone 2? That little boy would tell the vagabond woman (sorry, can’t remember names to save my life) something like “I had a pair of shoes (or roller skates, I forget) that I kept saving for occasion, but I outgrew them without even wearing them.” That one surely struck a chord in me.

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