Sweet Sixteen

Seems like eons ago.  April 1998.  A time with no cell phones, iPhones, iPads, or Facebook (how did we ever manage?!).  I want to sigh and say “Simpler Times”, but honestly don’t recall it being all that simple.  Fun and busy, sure, but not really simple.

Our newly-married life included:

  • Two people deep in the throes of grad school with no light at the end of the tunnel (not even from an oncoming train – as a disenchanted fellow-grad schooler used to say)
  • Newly minted driver’s licenses (but alas, no car)
  • Riding the school bus “Stinger” to the local Kroger’s for groceries (major highlight of our saturday afternoons) and having lunch at the local Subway (yikes!)
  • Feasting on “Awesome Blossoms” at Chili’s and “Raja Chips” at Fox and Hounds every friday night with friends (with nary a thought about trivialities like calories)
  • Movies at the theaters most weekends despite no money in the pocket (remember sitting in the second row to watch “Seven Years in Tibet” and thinking Brad Pitt looked really HUGE!)
  • Me falling asleep on our living room futon after watching Seinfeld and Friends with N, and him continuing to watch TV later into the night (this still happens at times)
  • Loooooong game nights with friends most weekends
  • Making dinner with N every night while watching “Mad About You” (remains one of my favorite shows of all time)
  • Auditing German 101 just so the two of us could take a class together (although Frau Engler did not take to N at all, and I ended up doing both our homeworks – such a geek no?)
  • Eating lunch at the student center every afternoon with N (and catching up on the morning’s events)
  • Watching and enjoying senseless shows like 90210 and Dawson’s Creek (to N’s total disgust)
  • Pizza from Papa John’s once every four days (I kid you not), and we were actually quite abstinent compared to some of our buddies (one large pizza for dinner daily, topped off with thayir sadam and mango thokku – wild!)
  • Doing laundry at our apartment’s laundromat while wearing the last set of clean underwear we owned (not proud of this, sharing with you and only you)

Sixteen years.  In some ways, our life today is sooooo different.  In other ways, it feels like nothing has changed at all.  Hard to explain, but I think you know what I mean.  I can honestly say that it’s been a happy, love-filled journey with more smiles than tears, and more giving in than ego clashes.  Dicky Fox sums it up nicely for me in Jerry Maguire “I love my wife, I love my life, I wish you my kind of happiness”. 🙂

Happy Anniversary, N.  It’s been a wonderful journey.


8 thoughts on “Sweet Sixteen

  1. How beautifully written. It’s a blessing to be in such a relationship. Ask your mom to ‘suthi pottufy’ the two of you.

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