March Food Score

March was a low month for new recipes.  Come to think of it, learning new paatus has fallen by the wayside as well (and walking is yet to take off from the ground in a big way).  As you can tell, photo blogging has emerged as the winner hobby of the month.  Have learned that it is tough (if not impossible) to embark on multiple new projects at the same time and keep up the tempo on all of them.  Plus, persistent back pain has been a bummer and has put a damper on things.  I mean, how much can a monkey jump? 😦

So, with that huge disclaimer, new recipes that I tried out this month:

  • Veggie hakka noodles (super easy to make and the kids love it!)
  • Sabut masoor dal
  • Lauki channa dal kootu (meant to make a dry curry, but inadvertently overcooked the lauki and channa dal, and a vile unpopular kootu is all that emerged)
  • Oats and veggie upma (turned out more tasty than I expected – will be seeing more of this one, for sure)

Amma will be visiting V for the next few months.  So, my leeway (and time) for experimenting in the kitchen are going to be shrinking big time.  Perhaps I will pleasantly surprise the family (and myself) and continue to churn out profound culinary delights till Amma returns.

More realistically, though, I sense a bucket of thayir sadam and sundal in our immediate future.


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