Letting Go

Yendhan veetu kanru indru yetti yetti ponadhu….

I am suddenly more aware of little N growing up soooo fast.  All within the last one week.  Her new phone is a definite contributor to this feeling.  She also had a school party last night where the kids played basketball, ate, danced, and generally hung out till 9 pm.  I considered volunteering at the party just to keep an eye on my munchkin.  But decided against it at the last minute (how much helicoptering can one psycho mom do?).

N went to pick her up at 9 pm, and was mildly alarmed to see middle school kids wandering around randomly in groups with (seemingly) no purpose.  Yes, N and I still have elementary school mentality – where we expect teachers to shepherd the kids around in an orderly manner at all times.  Of course, it didn’t help that N was greeted by the security guard with “good luck finding your kid in there”.  N did find the kid within minutes.  Not because she responded when he called her phone, but because she responded when he texted to the same phone.

Little N is away today at a competition that is taking place at a University about an hour away from home.  The program coordinators arranged to bus the participants to the event,  so all that we had to do was to wake the girl up on time, give her a good breakfast, pack her lunch, and drop her off at the bus stop.  In the past, we might have followed the bus all the way to the event just to make sure it arrived safely with our precious cargo.  This time, we merely wished her luck and waved goodbye.  Plus, our responsible cargo texted us periodically to let us know things were fine and dandy.

So.  There is clearly a new equilibrium around here.  We are learning to let go, one little step at a time.  It is all exactly as it must be.

Why is it so tough then?


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